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Mentoring Program

Marriage Mentoring Training (MMP) seeks to equip married couples or individuals wanting to settle down but keep making the wrong choice in a relationship. This program seeks to guide them through sharing their own lives and grounding them in understanding themselves better.  

Abigail's mentoring program is drawn from 20 years of experience in growing young adults to their purpose and fulfillment. This is done by tapping into the knowledge and experience of a passionate professional and relationship coach, who guides, and teaches with simplicity and truthful practical lay down principles where individuals/couples who are stuck in making their relationship work to get some practical direction in making sound choices. 

This mentor program is an educational program that will teach you the skills to have a life-long successful relationship/marriage. You will learn how to communicate and deal with conflict in a healthy manner.

Abigail being passionate in this regard, gives clear guidelines to couples in writing their marriage module, implementation, adjustment, and fulfilling couples' dream marriage/relationships within a period of time. This program differs from traditional counselling or therapy in that the couple always meets together with the marriage mentors and learns practice skills together.



1. Register, we will enter you as a couple or single through Healing Wings support.

2. Take an online assessment 

To be most effective and accurate, you’ll each need to take the assessment separately. There are no right and wrong answers, honesty is critical to give us an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. As soon as you both have completed the assessment we will be notified within 24 hours. This will then be shared with one of our marriage mentor couples. 

3. The assigned mentor couple will call you and set up the sessions. 

4. Our mentors are flexible to meet when you are available, be that days/ evenings/ weekends/ etc. 

5. The first session usually lasts about an hour and a half, and the other sessions about an hour. 

How many sessions you have will depend on how much time is taken to go through the material, usually 8-10 sessions.

Your own marriage journey can help you become better wives/ husbands today! Attending MMP will be a great pearl of opportunity, you shall pass on to the next generation.