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One-on-one sessions

£ 80.00

55 minutes (14 days cancellation and 3 days rescheduling policy applies)

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£ 120.00

2 session in a month (45 minutes each). 3 days rescheduling notice within the month policy applies. No refund.

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£ 190.00

4 session in a month (45 minutes each). 3 days rescheduling notice within the month policy applies. No refund.

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Also called individual counselling or psychotherapy, can help individuals learn about their moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. One major important point to consider, in this type of counselling it is essential for the client to be flexible, transparent, and vulnerable in his / her communication with the Counsellor. 
Looking at areas such as abuse, and psychological problems though other areas of concern may arise.

There is a vast array of techniques to help people understand their emotions and thoughts and the beginning of a new journey towards a better life for their clients.

Healing Wings Support as the name implies plays a very major role in this type of session in helping people become more conscious about themselves, their aspiration,s and world, and their relationships. Our therapy sessions can help resolve many of the conflicts and stresses that affect anyone. 


  1. Will begin by gathering information about you, and your needs and for you to understand the therapy journey with your counselor.
  2. Ask you about your current physical and emotional health and may give you a questionnaire about what you have been experiencing. 


This session, while it may be daunting at first, allows you to feel safe to communicate your needs and fears. 

Questions are encouraged, with the hope to bring you a positive understanding of what to expect in your sessions, giving you peace of mind.


Common facts about this session:

  • You get all the attention, and your point of view and concerns will be heard.
  • You can talk freely about concerns you may not feel talking about in a group / public platform, like sexual abuse, historic sexual abuse, drug usage, etc.
  • We will try and understand your concerns clearly.
  • Your body gestures and tone can give the counselor the added advantage of making a clear and (almost always) correct assessment of how to take the counseling forward.
  • Finally, there can be a recommendation of other courses/hobbies/interactions to progress in real-time.
  • Our first session focuses on understanding your situation and treating you with respect and compassion. Here to help you with your thoughts, feelings, and even during the most difficult moments.
  • We will be here to help you understand your life and change the way you feel about yourself in a more positive light. We will answer questions confidentially, which helps develop strategies to meet your goals and discover a healthier life.