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Every good relationship starts with a love story, make yours a memorable one through communication and understanding. 

Through these workshops,  

Abigail is drawing on 20 years of experience to reach out to struggling couples, or individuals finding relationships challenging. 

These workshops are designed solely to equip individuals and couples to understand the need for healthy communication, implementing new ideas, passion, restoring romance, or chronic behavioral conflicts, this workshop is majorly meant for you!

This workshop will give you a ‘ social, moral, psychological-free space’ to focus on you and/or your relationships

Who is the workshop designed to access: 
Organizations and churches

Getting the Love You Passionately Want workshop:

Any organization, or church may benefit from this workshop. It’s appropriate for you if you need to equip and strengthen your team/church congrats who are.

  • Beginning a relationship, affectionately into each other.
  •  Want to create a strong foundation bond, and avoid some of the frustrations, and heartaches they may have experienced in the past
  • Want to turn a good relationship into a great relationship?
  • In a complex, complicated relationship and yearns to resolve longstanding conflicts
  • Want to identify and uniquely understand how your  brain informs every single interaction, allowing you to patiently know you're reactive to responsive behavior thermostats
  • Are near a break-up syndrome and want to end such occurrences or decide if the relationship can be saved

You will learn how to:

  • Resolve longstanding conflicts with compassion, understanding, and ease
  • Reignite the passion, attraction, and intimacy that first made your love journey possible
  • Discover a path to emotional healing and social evolution through your relationship 
  • Experience a deep level of empathy and connection

To find out more: send your enquiry to,  info@healingwingssupport.com