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Before You Say I Do

This course aims to create a level of awareness about what you want and what to expect in a relationship. It’ll also help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths.


What to Expect?
At the beginning of the course, you will be sent an email that includes a relationship survey (i.e.whatyouexpectinmarriage) and a question that requires you to set your marriage model. This helps you to assess and get a deeper understanding of your current/further relationships.

This course is tailored to equip you with the emotional tools that you need in making sound choices, and strengthen and communicate better in relationships. It also creates an opportunity for you to ask those troubling questions.


Before you say I do
Unfortunately, many people spend a lot of time and money planning the wedding rather than getting the essentials for the marriage. This depends on you: Get the necessary education, and go for premarital counseling before you finally say: Ido.

Planning the marriage will inevitably cut down the chances of divorce by more than 30%. No marriage is perfect; however, investing your time and money in getting the education you need
will help you better handle personal conflicts, communication issues, and personal differences.


Want to start your marriage with counseling?  

Don't miss this course! This course is targeted at reducing the unexpected separation that comes with many marriages today. Understanding your marriage model helps you to make the right choice and build a solid foundation in marriage.


Who is this for?
1. Singles looking to settle down
2. Engage to be married
3. Newly married

Marriage is a lifetime covenant. Watch this video from Relationship Counsellor Abigail.

Maxwell A.

I kept making relationship mistakes until I met Abigail, She helped me make sense of my present and past troubles, especially before I got married, I had issues with anger, revenge, and being quiet about things I feel hurt about and was always looking for comfort from relationships.

I now have a better understanding of my self worth and to separate my past pain from my needs.

The rejection I went through during my childhood has taught me to understand that, even our parents, spouse, and friends have reasons for showing character weaknesses.

I was able to choose my spouse from a healthy point of view rather than what was comfortable.This is a worthwhile journey I will not forget.

Sibu London

I have been working with Abigail over the years and one of the key areas I wanted to focus on was my relationships, as part of the process I was able to understand what I desire from marriage, my husband and my long term commitment.

We discussed what healthy relationships look like, how it would feel and the characteristics I would desire from that person.

The marriage model helped me step out of my comfort zone to understand how I want to be loved and what I desired for myself and my future. Through the work with Abigail I dug deep and realised that my ideologies were different to my innate desires from my partner, how I viewed the love I wanted and the people I attracted and their behaviours. It took several attempts to build a healthy marriage model defined by me not external expectations. We focused on the reasons why certain things were important to me verses perceptions of what I needed, for example initially I wanted a driven man, and through counselling we unpacked why I felt I needed my husband to show this character. In reality I didn’t desire that I want a man who is passionate and I confused this with being driven. This was a big lesson to me. Now, in my dating life I consistently refer to the list, I consider what are my non negotiables, what I can compromise on and what are my key needs. I have recommended this tool to my friends and family, as it build on the marriage rather than the person.

I appreciate this process and I can’t wait to see what my marriage will look like in the near future.

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